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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Am Officially ..

what were you thinking? ;)

The entire week was so full to the brim with loads of sorting and ironing and more sorting and in between pondering of what to do with fucking lazy staff who went absent with no notice.. I hope they vanish and save me the hassle of issuing show cause letters and confronting their issues with their inner self..

so scary to find the office in such un-neat situation!!

yes, the week was so scary shit busy that I am home after 2am most of the time. And I think it is taking a toll on my face with the droopy eyes syndrome attacking and the ga-zits-lion intruding the already-not-so-flawless complexion. And this permanent body ache...due to lack of sleep is scary! I walked like an old woman now ;(
(u know, with legs wide apart and strutting slowly while holding hips in case of any skeletal dislocation that may occur). Oh what pain! All for the sake of some sales...

There are currently 4 blisters in my mouth and seriously it's not due to constant swearing and bad-mouthing..

It's 9.30pm and still in client's office..  ;(

Hours and hours of sorting and stock checking in my Aldo heels please... 

So freaking busy with so much activities and appointments and more ironing and packing, yet still not losing and pounds.. wtf...

So not my style to have spastic pictures with no ooze of hotness, but yeah this is a freaking spastic week for me..

How's yours?

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