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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sticking Worms Into the Ass

Opps yes, we did it again!!
Like Britney Spears, we never learn.
We have again made a headline in the world (if others are even keen to see how we ridicule ourselves)
Sometimes I seriously do not know where we stand. Or in fact, how we fare in the eye of the world. I am sure the Singaporeans are LOL-ling at us while watching how we manage ourself here. And I believe the Fedex delivery boy speaks better English than the blue uniformed body we have recruited to protect the nation.

I was wondering why does everyone in my Facebook keep updating status on their hatred towards these blue uniformed men. Till I saw this. And it reminded myself of how much I hated them too.
It could be because of the fact that just so they earn lesser than me, they have to ask me to sponsor their 'coffee-drinking' habit. And also because they are casually born to be rude. Or they could have been taught to be rude or potentially think their rudeness is the best way to show their force.

I supposed, if they manage to find better jobs, they would not have resort to being a blue uniformed body ;)
Seriously! If you look at their face, most of them looked like aborigines of some Kampung Salak or Kuala Kotor or some place where there is too much sun and it tan your skin till it look like overburnt without the glow.

And I am not sure if you can visualise their respond to the question : What is your reason in joining the blue force? Can you imagine a dirty looking, rudely behaving, and sometime smelly, with stomach that looked like it has been filled with 3 years of Nescafe Tarik consumption telling you 'Because I want to safeguard my country and protect every citizen in the country and make tomorrow a better day for all'  Peeh!!!

But of course, underneath the blue uniform body, they are just normal human like us. Hence they are not spared from doing things that normal people like us may commit to. Like rape lorr.. they have needs too ;) And like us human who hungers for more comfort in life, they too tend to take away other people possession wihtout permission. I think it's called robbing :)

And I don't want to continue this post anymore, because it no longer seem interesting...

At this time of posting, the draft for this post is already 3 weeks old I assume... Anyway, let's not waste my content mah...

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