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Monday, August 29, 2011

When Your Heads Are In Between The Legs

I can't recall how many months have I been doing Yoga in Swarupa (nop, not by Miss Swarupa apparently). And I can't possibly write a journal about yoga and me. Because.. standing fat at 70kg, there really isn't much to boast about me (the 70kgs one) and yoga.

But I have been enjoying each session very much. It is a much more productive activity to do than to sit in front of the PC Facebooking and writing blogs.
Which reminds me, The Star paper today had an article that mentions that a study have shown that those who watches TV for more than  2hours aday reduces their life span by 22 minutes per 2 hours of watching TV. I wonder if the same theory applies to stalking Facebook. Because that involves lots of heavy sitting in front of another Idiot Screen..And I could have been shortened off my life for at least 4 hours a day.

 A session of workshop conducted in Swarupa Yoga Studio

I can't really judge if I am doing my asanas (poses) correctly as it's pretty subjective.
I mean when you are asked to roll your shoulder back and then drop it down again and lift your neck and look forward and tuck your butt in and push your chest out... just how much do you roll your shoulder back and how droop is a drop shoulder and and how do you correlate a tucked butt and hip while keeping the chest abreast. It is a pretty complicated relationship of all the bodily parts.

But overall, despite a challenge to self correct, it is truly an enjoyable session nevertheless. I have become accustomed to tadasanas with a rolled back and dropped down later shoulder =D
Many people have been asking me where did I go for my yoga and if I managed to slim down after the session. I have no scientific prove to tell you what yoga really does. In fact till now, I do not really know what does it really do except to boast my own ego (in being able to follow instruction and perform asanas correctly) without much hassle. Yes, it is an ego-booster. For me.


When you realise that you are able to perform certain stances and hold on to it till guruji finished correcting everyone, how can you not be so proud of yourself!! OK, perhaps by now you would think that I am super Kiasu. But for a person who relies of KPI (key performance index) at work and every action needs to garner results, being able to achieve the asanas really did bring much hope to the sometimes miserable life! Not being able to achieve a constant sales of RM300,000 on a monthly basis sometimes (or most of the time) do kill your confidence ALOT. And it is good to be able to leave the work and sales stress off a bit with some Pranayama and asanas over the weekend.

downward dog

Swarupa Yoga is located in Bangsar, along the main stretch of Telawi. Needless to say it is a must stop destination for yogis who wants a lil bit of the BKS Iyengar mode of yoga teaching. And Iyengar Yoga is Mr BKS Iyengar style of teaching accumulated throughout his practise as a yogi. I wouldn't know what  is the difference between one guruji and another guruji because this is my first introduction to the world of yoga and I think I am pretty comfortable with the amount of stretches I am getting here. To know more what it is all about, go HERE 

sethu bhandha sarvangasana
If you do know me as a friend personally, I am sure you know I have a lot of mental distress. I am easily stressed about work, what I wear, what I say and literally, practically everything that I can look upon to get stressed at. And having sales target more often than not stress me the most that I normally have nightmares on how I got hit by a mouse while doing sales report. There are also time when I dream of having heart attack while meeting customers. But I am most stressed when I heard rumours about how shirts that I measured and tailored cannot fit nicely. That really is a confidence bummer =(

I am relieved to say that now most of the stress that bugs me still bugs me of course. But with a heave of breath, I am now more tolerable to the amount of pressure thrown to me. I don't know if this is good or bad because there are times when I am able to take things more relaxed and it leads to procrastination =P

As at now I am still 70kgs and still eating. So I can't really tell you that you will be able to achieve a lean and super slender 45kg you. But I can see the rest of the yogis in the advance classes are as lean as a roll of chee cheong fun, if you need to be assured of. 

One day, I hope to be able to achieve this without heart attack..

To share this interesting excerpt from a friend's philosophical thought about yoga

Yoga - a kind of witchcraft, yeah I hope I can purge out ringgit note when doing my asanas if it is a kind of withcraft -_-

Don't you hate it when you stumble upon people who loves to pick a topic to stir and does not use the idylic time to ponder what can they do to enhance / improve their life or go help some poor orphans and old uncles in the old folks home. Instead, they sit and home and start bantering about nitty griity issues on how picking a nose is a sin, taekwondo is satanic, or perhaps falling in love is a cultish thing to do.. urgghh

And with a short invocation to Sage Patanjali, you can now start your yoga session ;)

Yogena cittasya 
padena vacam 
malam  sarirasya ca vaidyakena 
yopakarottam  pravaram muninam 
patanjalim  pranajaliranato'smi 
abahu purusakaram  
sankha cakrasi dharinamsahasra 
sirasam  svetam pranamami patanjalim.


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