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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Thing About Nails

... is that I use it to dig my teeth sometimes =D

For the past 30 years my nails have never really been good to me.. WAIT!! Lemme re-phrase- For the past 30 years I have never really been treating my nails well.
Yah, I do nothing to it. No treatment, no mani / pedi, no nail polish even.....merely bare nails.

Things that I do to my nails :D

If this is clearer than it is now, you may puke =P
(that's not nail polish btw, its some internal bruises due to extensive marathon-ing)

But I figure the time is right for me to start doing something to my nails. I figured no one will really look at my nails. Last week itself, I have just torn a few silk fabrics with my nails -__-  It literally pulled some threads in every batik fabrics that I have touched. Yup, I dress people up in batiks ;)

So I figured I must start some nail appreciation session. Between me and my nails. A private session.
I loved chunky rings.

like this

and like this

but it never occurred to me that the ring will only be further enhanced of its aesthetic appeal, if it is surrounded by a row of nicely painted nails  -__-

hijau zamrud kesukaan ku!!
(credits to Nail Galore)

I am sure this one comes with minty flavour. Great for people who likes to bite their nails =D
(credits to Nail Galore)

For the coming Merdeka celebration, I want to win a bottle of this! If I am lucky =(

Giveaway  info from Nail Galore HERE

Naturally I would hope no one would know about the contest so I will stand a higher chance to be randomly picked by some auto generated software and be the proud owner of at least the YELLOW or the SULTRY RED  nail polish! =D  =D  =D

Oh well, since it's luck based, and I am normally not that Lucky, at least if anyone of you who have read this and have won after joining the contest, I hope you are kind enough to message me later and share your joy ;)
Like maybe send me one bottle lar!! =P

Dear Miss Nisha of Nail Galore,

Do you not pity my pitiful-but-in-real-life-potentially-good-looking nails?


Click HERE to join the contest and share your joy with me in case you win =D

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha.. Thanks so much for the post dear:-)
    No i dont pity u coz thats hw i was a year ago. No nail polish, no treatment etc:-) i used to use it to open cans and bit them so that i could use the bitten nails as 'pencungkil' to take my food out in between my teeth:-D We are similar isnt it? haha.
    Neway things got better so if there is hope for me, there is hope for u too:-)
    Good luck dear. Dont worry. if not this there are many more to come. Just hope the response is good so that i can bring in more stuff for giveaway hehe:-)


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