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Monday, July 5, 2010

Randomly Sunday

I am officially bored of running... 'yawn'..
Besides the fact that it is kinda bored attempting to run among hoardes of people, the once a year marathon is considered a short KL tour for me. Yeah, I took the marathon as an opportunity for me to get to know this city where I live in :)

Along the way, I got to know that Gulati's Silk House is actually occupying a 3 storey building. Maya Silk House too were quite impressive with their collection of fabrics displayed at the windows. I've discovered that there are at least 5 stalls selling this weird looking stapler that if you keep punching, it works like a sewing machine and are actually used to sew simple edges of your clothes or scarves and such.

And I have alse been made known of few new highway routes which has been newly constructed. I have also seen the different expression of drivers who have to stop their vehicles because at least 3,000 runners / sleazers / walkers / marathoner / athletes-wannabe are thronging the street in pursue of a finisher medal and a cup of 100 Plus at the end of the run. 

And so, I got a finisher medal after the run clocking in a mere 1 hour 40mins perhaps. I don't know. Maybe. My KL tour have ended. And so..... another 12,38550 people too got their medals. And are happily clinging to it, biting on it and pose and wore it like a champion. 

Then something hit me in my head. The picture of mom and some other old man and women. Whom I normally see while getting stuck in the jam. Most probably they have been walking for more than 1,000kms in their whole life and the walk have yet to end. They literally walked more than any of us so called runners would have ran on the day of the run. No doubt.

I felt so shameful. That damn medal is nothing. Or if it's something, the old folks deserve one too. As they have walked for the past 60 to 70 years with no complain and with no cheers of victory. They didn't get a medal, that I am sure. For a moment, I know that the run no longer matter to me. It didn't matter to the bunch of old people in my mind too. Most probably they are hating me and those other 12,395758 people in the run. As the roads are closed and they are most probably stuck in some smelly public transport waiting to get down in Puduraya and are sure to be an hour late as we, 12,394758 people are blocking the god-damn-road with our stomping feet..

I finished the run. And I felt bad. I felt remorseful. I think I shall not run anymore in future. People need to get to work and we are blocking the road. I am sorry to all public commuters.. ;(

On a random note, I went to Ryl Bazaar today. To see that woman who makes badges for a living and to meet up with Michelle of SuperModels' Secret.

Can you see what's wrong with me? Aside from the retarded face, of course.
Bangs from SuperModels' Secret :)

Please have a  look at what this badge woman did this time-

Unlike those that is in plastic and comes with a single type of font, exactly like what we wear during school time, this is so funky ok!
Can you guess which one have I bought?

of course the Datin one!! And I can't resist the I Am 30 one too since it's my birthday =) =)

I sometimes hate going to bazaars as I tend to contribute to helping to boost the economic situation of the bazaars by spending on anything and everything. Blame it on my disturbed childhood ;(  But once I am there, I love hanging out in bazaars!! ;)

Yeah, I have lost a lot of time in being young and quirky at ages where I should be YOUNG and QUIRKY. 
I feel liberated going to bazaars making new friends. Friends who have never lost their sense of quirkiness (I suspect they carried forward their quirkiness since childhood). I love developed the love of sitting behind the badges rack and sticking out bowls to keen buyers when I am at Mei's stall. It's so much stress relieving than thinking who else can I sell the batiks to -__-

Cool statement badges from Eff-Bombs

She rarely  updates on her badges. Wait... She never does! Anyway, if you are keen, do e-mail her and get yourself a couple of custom badges for yourself or family members or even your cosplay team! =D

On another note, I will be doing a review of the Balo Slimming Gel soon. Yeah, slimming gel,so synonym with my body fats eh... ;(  Keep tuning in to YourShoppingKaki from time to time if you want to rid some cellulite too.

Balo Slimming Gel now available at Supermodels' Secrets


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