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Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Sustainability

Date : 6 July 2010
Event : Sime Darby Lecture Series
Venue : Sime Darby Convention Centre
Topic of the Day : Securing Tomorrow's World - Using Nature's Wealth More Sustainably

Great back drop, great lobby center piece, great table setting, great food.
I love the idea of constructing a giant stage backdrop made of constructional waste, mainly planks of all ages, doors of all kinds, and windows of all sorts to signify re-using of  waste materials (sustainability) and doors of oppurtunity that human kind can pursue in creating a balanced platform in both economy and environment. How brilliant!

There's pandan leaves as contemporary artistic decor, ginger on pots, betelnuts on ostrich egss and such. Love it! 

And I left home in awe with these -

Can you guess what fruits are these?

Yay! Now I can save up on Vitamin E purchase for at least another 20 days! (Yah, there's 10 capsules each in that small container) ;)

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