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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crafty day

It's a yearly affair in that Craft Complex located in Conlay Street. Next to it is the newly opened Royale Chulan Hotel. Equally cun! It's National Craft Week recently. Ending tomorrow (8th March 2010). I don't look anticipate for it of course, just that since it's around the corner, and I need to go there for work related itinerary, might as well learn to like it. 
Depending on what you like (crafty items, bazaar hunting, bargaining) and not like ( no parking,- but there  are shuttle services, craft - hand made items), but it is still an interesting affair. Not that it would spice up your life totally and lift you to the zen of blending your natural self with nature kinda stuff, but it's something that most yuppies in town don't get to see often.- the cottage industry. Yes, craft related production is an industry by itself. People literally can make a lot of things. As long as it's make-able, they can just keep making and making all things imaginable.

Nice rite? For your diva kitty and puppies to make out in
Handwoven rattan items 

Now you most probably know why there are people who spend the entire day by the seaside and collect the treasures of the sea and it's remnants. It's used to make these and hopefully be marketed too.

The Segment Where I am A 'Specialist'
Textile o.O
When it's textile and it's also handicraft, it normally means batek... =) 

block printed top for the kids 

The famous Arizali that you can get in Isetan and Metrojaya or Parkson? Bitchy Beachy collection, very cooling! Gaya santai!

This particular one tries to promote on indigo dye. This indigo dye is derived from plants which they planted at the compound of their factory. I forgot how the plants looked like. Either like pandan leaves or the hibiscus trees.. =D

Weaved mengkuang bags from the Sarawak weaver. I love how the bags are getting funkier each time! Like the one I got for myself earlier =D
Managed to catch a glimpse of the first lady while she was officiating the event. besides her, the rest were wearing the 1Malaysia attire. No further comments before i get caught again... aiihh..

Was there for 2 long days and I broke the heel tip of my Aldo =(   =(
It's really a good avenue to gather some creative ideas if you are in the related creative  industry. Even if you are  not, it's still better than sitting at home eating Chinese New Year leftover cookies and grow  fatter. Unfortunately the bazaar for this year have ended. Oh well, you just got to wait for it to come next year.

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