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Sunday, March 7, 2010

They Said I am Aging

And that I am totally screwed in taking care of my own fat sagging, blotchy with dilated pores kinda face.
So they gave me a makeover, which doesn't seem all made up. I can do better. =D
This is what I wore to the tea party - a bunch of uncombed hair. Seriously, I do not have a comb!
And my newly bought weaved bag of course! =D

Seriously, this is what used to be on the top of my shelf for a while. After all I am a working woman. yes, that I am aware. And also that we slather on inches of make-up in hope to make a nicer facade. But I am not a believer of consistency. Most of it goes to waste. Because I just can't keep up.

Quite unbelievable right? Seem so flawlessly pretty
OK la.. some really serious eyebags from serious nighmares suffered due to inability to perform in sales =(

That's the thing about woman. You don't look OK enough people won't even listen to what you are trying to sell. Most probably some jerks would even cut your line when queuing up to pay parking. Reality does sucks. maybe not all the time, but we know better right...
Yeah, this is probably the ugly part of me which I never really reveal..

My aging problematic skin ...

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