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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Period rants

It's not a style of mine to write when I am depressed. I may write when I am aggravated, irritated, but never when my minds do not sync with my heart. I try to reason that maybe it's the time of the month when we human with labias have to go thru the whole PMS session. I try very much to rationalise and analyse every thought that come pouring into my mind.

Could it be that I may have been overly sensitive towards things that perhaps I should not? I tried de-sensitising .. but I couldn't find an answer to the question that have been lingering. Urrghhh!! i need my sleep!! There is early appointment tomorrow!! But I couldn't help myself to hammer down some utter nonsense.. merely to release some displeasure that have been making a murky pool of shit in my mind.

Kept telling myself its the time of the month!!! Did some womenly check to see if there is any persisting syndrome for the attack of the bloody sanitary week.. nope, still early.. Then why am I developing such discomfort at the thought of the whole scenario?

The last time the same thing happened was also during pre-bloody attack. My mind wanders. I develop thoughts that came pouring non stop.. I kept telling myself to get over it!!! Get over it!!! And I am still telling myself to get over it now!!!

HUman behaviour is hard to understand. now I understand why Facebook, Friendster and any of those networking sites have to list a long categories of selection for people to select, on their status, their relationship, their everything.. people simply are getting more complex in lightining speed.. Gender can be male, female, hemale, shemale. One sexual orientation diverted to mono, bi, hetero, tri, and maybe beta-sexual. Who knows..

One day people behave like they are the most sincere soul mother earth can produce. On another day, something must have wriggled up to their ass and they had a change of identity to another individual with bare resemblance to the one u know.. People around just do not know how to adapt!! I for sure have no idea do I adapt or not adapt?

I hate to have to use my thoughts on anything besides making money or WORK.. but this time around, i think I have used too much of that lil mind of mine... I don't really need people around me to tell me my acts are wrong and I should be able to stand up for something that I think is right for the sake of the human with labias!!!

I tried to defy the rights and follow the heart.. but then I got confused... could it be the sway of the heart or i may be simply dazed with a situation that I have never been placed upon... I could go on and on about this... after all I am aware i am uttering nonsense...

Sigh.. do i go ahead or not?

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