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Sunday, March 8, 2009


This is Akasha the band, not the malay wannabe malay singer ...
I am not aware of their existence though I am a big fan of people who can do the mridangam and sitar and tabla.. all the ta din nak ke ta din nak ke ta din din really amazes me...
In fact its a childhood dream for me to do carnatic... which is still not materialised now... blame it on lack of self esteem :) and me not being an Indian in genes..
The music is great!!!!! Makes me feel like an Indian all over again ... :)
I know that macha on the left .... and he never told me he was into the carnatic hype thingy !!!
Nope, he mentioned nothing about it when we had banana leaf rice...dammit!!!! else i could have begged for free carnatic class :P
Pharmacist by day and percussionist on the stage, u da man !!!!
Go catch their debut performance. I would sure go :)
22 & 23rd March 2009, 8.05pmPentas 1,
KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) Sentul.
Tickets: RM 57,
(Including RM 2 box office charge and FREE INTO...AKASHA CD!!)
Call: KLPAC @ 03 40479000or visit


  1. Did you go? I was there last night and it was great! The guy playing the tabla is an old friend of mine. :-)

    I shall be reviewing their album soon.

  2. No, i did not :(
    Was trying to get some friends to go along, but no one wanted to go despite loing the music!!
    do u know where can i get the album?


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