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Sunday, April 12, 2009

That Yearly Concert

And the theme for 2009 is Aradhana - Offering to Gurus and God, not God and Gurus. Yes, aparently gurus tops the reign before God can come in.
I don't really get insistence that Gurus MUST come before God, but it seems that, that is the fact that the Indian classical dancers have to acknowledge..

And so we have our concert for the year on 4/4/09. Not really OUR concert literally.. just affiliated to it being a student :) and doin some assigned duty for the day..
Turn out seems great.. not bad for a first time academy concert.. We had the most glittering narrator, Madhavi who is at her old-gold age but young, sweet-sweet charm :P

The kids doing their statue pose at the backdrop

drive no evil, touch no evil, drive no evil
swooosh.... all nemos to the right!!

merry go round
kids' section again
Hang Tuah 5 sekawan go macha-hunting by the river :D

ahem- guys dancing together-gether :)



Indian classical dance is as erotic as any of those latin dance, in case none of u are aware of that.. It's not just all about batting your eye lids like a camel and moving your head in a circular motion as if it's gonna come off after the 6th turning. Took me a lot of effort to separate my rib cage from my pelvic movement to achieve the tribanghi position.. sad to say... i still am not good yet :(
Since my involvement in the show is quite minimal, there is nothing much that I can boast and not let people suspect that I am clueless about what happened in such show. The usual... it's an indian classical dance, hence is only appropriate that 95% attendees are Indians :) 0.2% mat sallehs, 2% chinese and another 2% consisting of miscellanous. The remaining 0.8% ?? Empty seats ler... :D Not bad for a first show of a new academy. In fact don't think I've seen any Malays
In occasions where Indian ladies are required to attend events where sarees are part of the formal attire.. what can u expect?? It's the battle of the pallu!!! It's always about the most glamourous saree one can don. The more vibrant and eye-catching the better.. It must serve as an attention-grabber. Else donning a saree serves no purpose.. Must catch the glimpse of all the machas around!!! In this case, I failed big time ..

gloomy saree

see?? everyone wants to parade their saree and pallu!!!

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