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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Class-ified

tjanting tools

batiks and batik stamps

Guess I have never really talked about what I really do in real life... I always swear to the maximum on work and people around me. I curse to the infinity towards people who cross my path unknowingly and provoked me to flare up. Most of my post are tagged as 'rants' and 'more rants'. I suppose maybe it's time I do something to promote this noble work of mine :)

I sell batik. Ya know, those fabrics that most westerner think are sooo exotic, and we young local Asian try to avoid thinking that batik just ain't vogue enough unless you work for the government and that leaves you with not much choice but to drape yourself in those gaudy printed fabric..yada yada..

And so, as I was a saying, I sell batik.. I am not a promoter stuck in a boutique with no aspiration.. I just hppen to sell stuff which are rare.. how often do you get to strike up conversation like this :
Long time no see friend : Oh so, what do u do?
Me : ahh... i do batik.. as in i sell batik, i make batik and
all that is related..
Long time no see friend : Ooohh!!.. ahhh... (dunno what to say
but need to churn something out).. as in the batik?? That's very interesting. I
have a lot of those malay friends who like batik yada yada... So u are a
designer?? Where are u based in?
Me : here and there... :)
Seriously.. I do think that batik is another form is interesting products that one can market besides selling false dental wares ( i think they have a better term to describe it), selling Viagra ( a cousin is doin this), selling virtual office ( which I get spammed often)... and I am sure there are many other stuff in the market that does not cross yoor mind.. that big corporations actually hire professional excutives to market and sell their products..
If you are not out in the market often, you would have a notion that people like us are stuck in a 300 sq feet boutique tucked in most probably some Imbi Plaza or rich enough to be in KLCC, maybe.
No, I am not a SALES PROMOTER. I just happen to be in a trade that sells things out of your league and we have better forms of approach to do it than just have all staff sitting in that 300 square feet enclosure to wait for you to come and buy a piece of batik :)
I can go on and on about this.. but the post is supposed to be about the batik classes which we had, and not about the common misconception of the public when I mentioned what I do.. so I shall rant about that another time..
Tamarind Springs- setting up
Yeah, when you feel that it is kinda interesting to introduce the charm of Malaysia to foreign investors, foreign business associates or any foreign counterparts, do not attempt to bring them to Kampung Melayu Subang :D
What is best to introduce to your amazing foreign counterparts besides the interesting delicacies in Malaysia .. but batik?? again, I could have go on with my rants on the origination of batik in actual... but that will never make me get to the actual contents..

And so, yes, we conduct batik lesson too.. aprt from the attempt to sell some batik to you.. :)

comes with slide preso for those of u who dun get to visualise what we are trying to reach out to you

comes with background setting up also just to spruce up the environment for your pleasure

a lesson is not a lesson if you don't get what we say. so it comes with actual batik for your sensory

unless you understand what is the core of subject, there is no way you can draw up a piece with much pleasure, so listen up..

once we are done creating awarenes and lifting your interest, you may begin

put your creativity to work

you will be made to stand up as this is how we endure when we draw you a piece of your dress for a day :)

batik is all about colors!

regardless of gender, its a matter of perseverance and patience to finish up your piece of work

a sanctity of pleasure knowing you can do it too :)

now u know besides your daily office routine, u may have some flair in arts!

And so this is part of what I do.. The next time you are out of ideas when being elected the recreational manager of your association, your team or your company, let us plan you a session of batik :)

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