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Monday, April 22, 2013

So Little Time

Running out of time.
Insufficient time to update 4 blog sites, work on 4 fan page, a day job and a weekend job.

And yet, I would like to believe that I can still manage. I just need to sort it out in phases.

I have now gotten used to waking up at 6.50am, leaving home at 7.15am, reaching office at a mere 8.20am and slapping make up at 8.45am in the office. There isn't a single mirror in the office >.<
Reason being that they want to refrain ladies from being in the loo for too long fixing their tudungs and perform self-admiration rituals.
Gotten myself a mini mirror for god sake! Was asked to look into the reflection from the glass door if we sales people need to check out own sillhoutte before leaving for appointment. WTF.jpg...

So glad my HTC One-X comes with mirror feature for that instant vanity check!

Gotten around with botak to look at venues for 'his' the wedding. Define WEDDING - an occasion where couple who wish to be together in a more bonded manner shall bind themselves in a ceremoniously commercialised day of putting up a concert / show / sitcom / movie for a bunch of 200-300 pax of people (depending on their financial status) while not going to get anywhere near FAMOUS and giving away free smiles thanking relatives and friends to which they may not know of their surname. Or name. At all.

My initial concert hall. Well, if i have to, I might as well get one I liked right?
But this was fully booked despite our concert date which is next year.

Don't know what have gotten in my mind to even come to this joint. 
Most probably my concert will then be the talk of the relatives for another 15 more years to come. 
xx Reject xx

The word ABALONE in a restaurant - I thought can give some atas feel to the concert.
But the chinese lady supervisor wasn't too impressed that I only wanted 15 tables or less. She looked almost regretted serving me Plain Water...
Decided not to go with this one which is at the Life Centre. I am kind. Considered those girls who may come in cab and may have problems leaving the premise after my concert ;)
xx Reject xx

Finally settled for another restaurant with a friendlier supervisor. In a venue that can't take up more than 15 tables anyway =D

I don't know if it's me or it hits every woman who is about to organise their concert of a lifetime, but I hate the thought of having to plan and create an event for some 150 guest of whom they most probably won't give a shit if I am getting married or not. Neither would I really care if they care about me getting married or not.

Fatty did so much work in his short trip back to KL, that he can memorise all the rates of restaurants and hotels in KL that can caters to such concerts. maybe he is just desperate to get married =P
I, on the other hand is pretty busy looking up on Asos sales. I need new work clothes!

The thoughts of having to go thru this particular day of dramatic acts terrifies me. Being a creative Cancerian with a flair for arts (ahem..) I cannot have weird people singing folk songs in my concert. I also refused to hold up glasses and cheers for my concert for 3 consecutive times. I can't seem to find the logic of changing dresses and walk around 10 tables to parade my Taobao wedding dress. Yes, Taobao. I am poor, and my dress is going to cost me RM200 bucks only, I think -_-

Urggh..... I guessed I need to contribute abit in being the event organiser as Fatty really wants to make it happen. I will do it when I have the time.. I actually started something. I made a list of my online friends who I am going to invite!

Glad to have some of the online acquaintances sponsoring me stuff - in effort and in material sponsor to make the concert an actual event. Anyone want to sponsor me and make this a more commercialised event? ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my 2014 Jan 11 concert where it's all about sustainable, DIY and in a carnival =D

And yes, all of you in the picture are invited...


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    1. gotta see if u r 8 months pregnant or not by then and able to walk around or not :D


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