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Monday, March 25, 2013

Money No More

This is what I have spent my money on for the past couple of week. Not one Jinafire, but I got Jinafire a few more friends too -_-

Gotten Frankie Stein (left) for RM79.90 and Laguna Blue (right) for Rm59.90

I seriously need to stop spending like a diva! Many a time I forgot how lucky am I to even be living life with more than the basics that I have in life. I have been lining up at the ATM for almost every alternate day! This is serious :(

This is the complete 3rd week at work. Down with ONE and only appointment and many more to go till I get a big one for the first quarter of the year. I don't know about any other profession, but doing sales is never as easy as anyone can think of.  In fact, it's as difficult as a perspiring surgeon. You can't just dig down to the core in a breeze. There is just so many layers to go through just to get to the core of the problem. In my case, the many obstacles to go thru just to get half a million out of some companies' funding ;(

Sometimes if I wonder my mum's constant swearing towards me will have any effect on me. Her constant nagging that I am not filial to her and that I treat her badly really does make me wonder, if I am really that bad? It really didn't make things any better when she swear that I will not do well at work Who is going to pay for the house and living if I fare badly at work madam?

I don't think my pissed gesture of wanting to leave when she expect the handphone sales people to pick all the 32 ringtone one by one in the loudest tone for her to choose as her ringtone of the newly purchased phone (I bought!) is over-reacting.

Anyway, I am going to let this go and hopefully, tomorrow I am at least 2.5% more filial than yesterday. Happy?

It has also come to my sane mind finally to really do something about my personal finance now. From now onwards, every single cents spent will be taken note into that 555 notebook without fail! Because I cannot justify why am I always left with a mere RM20 in my wallet ;(

A look into the stash of receipt in the purse didn't relieve much stress. I practically spent money on an Aldo heels, road tax and insurance for the car, 2 new tyres for the car (yes, punctured again!), a pretty expensive phone for myself, another phone for mum and a couple of Chatime session and expensive lunch in this goddammit business area. RM5.90 for a cup of green tea!! Talk about direct bankruptcy!

It is now 11.43pm on a hot Sunday night. Tomorrow, I shall do what a salesperson should do ; be thick faced and make more sales lead!! Better hope that those curses from mum won't work :/

a yoga stance a day to keep sane
Pose : Dhanurasan - not perfect ;(

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