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Monday, December 6, 2010

Year End Report

The entire 365 days is going to wrap up very soon and most bloggers will be giving a wrap up of what they have achieved so far. I, as usual can't recall much of what I have achieved that will be so significant and perhaps provides an impact to myself or those around me. Achieving higher tolerance level towards a nagging mom is not an achievement by the way......

To start off, at the end of September, I suspected I have sinus. A symptom that I won't bother googling, suffice to know people do have such a symptom. Perhaps it's cool to make a statement- "Oh sorry I have sinus, can I escape from doing this such and such chores?" As at now, I am wasting toilet roll trying to slurp out whatever contained inside thhis huge nose of mine.

Then, there was so many camwhore session done this year since I started to guest blog in YourShoppingKaki, which leads me to self staring session after every camwhore session and contemplates on any possibility to perhaps get a nose job and some eye lid repairing? No? Also microdermabrasion..


Nevertheless, the feeling of inadequacy does very little in tarnishing my personal view on myself - THAT I AM HOT la...(sorry, can't help it..) I see no reason for me to belittle ownself, despite a bigger nose (though people say its properous, ok) On the good side of these constant camwhore project, I can't stop realising how good I feel about myself (THAT I AM HOT) and that I should continue my voyage into improving my sense in being fashionable and perhaps nurture myself into a fashion blogger?  (wow, this whole paragraph of self-praise!) That fashion blogger part won't happen, because I realise after all, I am just not as keen into fashion. I discovered it's more of self-adoring over own self, not my sense of dressing =P

My ego is bigger than the Carmex stick ok..

This is also the year that I have not been stepping a foot into any territory of a night market (your local neighbourhood pasar malam). Yeah, I am damn high end, I have no idea how does a pasar malam looked like now. Instead I was hogging a lot of bazaars every weekend =)

sunny Sunday in Urbanscapes!

 Urbanscapes again! 

Chic Pop in Sunway Giza

 Die die also must get something in Pick N Grab

See why I told ya I got bad sense in dressing young?
Sailormooning in Youth 2010

Going to bazaars and getting to know more online acquaintances have over exposed me to the Gen Y lots which I must admit have brought much impact to a 31 years old woman, with an ordinary career and less than ordinary life.
Once brought up to believe that if I leave the fan oscillation at Level 2 instead of the highest oscillating rate, I would be able to save some bucks on the utilitiy bills, I have now turn into a compulsive, reckless shopper-nista that gives more priority to shopping than paying up bills...  (and I leave the fan on at all times now..) 

bad habits that requires serious treatment

Dear adik-adik, lilttle vain-pots and compulsive uni or college, non wage earning citizens,

Shopping is not a sin. But shopping beyond means are a REAL BIG SIN. Because when you grow up, like ME at my age, the probability of you not being able to manage your finances because you just need to buy that Iphone 4 and whatever Intelli-phone simply because Vanessa Rob-My-Life, your uni mate were seen hanging out in uni snapping picture in Hispatmatic mode and you need to follow suit will make you a monster of material!!
Till 2 months back, I was still hanging on to my ICU-ed K550 Sony Ericson...

I did not get to go to much travel destination this year. Not that I make it a point to travel annually and boast about it. In fact, I am not a keen traveller. Not when I know every overseas trips requires savings of a couple of months worth of wages. Only went to Bangkok this year. And One Utama Hotel, a while in JW Marriot Bukit Bintang, a regular in Concorde KL, twice to Concrde KLIA, a step into Saujana Resort and some brief stints in Shangri-La KL =P  Can that be considered travel ar?? ;)

This year  is also the year that I realise I have had enough of men. I no longer find them interesting nor do I look forward to change my Facebook status to be IN A RELATIONSHIP. Well, I never do look forward in fact. It's a very tiring stage of life where you have to always be in make up uf you don't have a flawless complexion. No torn undergarments in case they rummage around and realise you are wearing a torn bra. And the responsibility to bear children in any case a relationship turn into a family building game.
But I am very determined to get a Dato. Serious OK..And I try to apply the Law Of Attraction to realise that humble dream of mine.

Please call me DATIN

I figure that is the only way for me to achieve something in the business world. No? 
I don't want to plant Misai Kucing plants behind the yard and make own cosmetics and hard sell to Kamariah, Maimunah and Letchumi. It's tiring, and I know I won't make it!

For the soon-to-end year, I can only recall me stocking up on food to cook for a maximum of 3 times. Maggi Mee does not count. After 31 years, I still cannot make a decent pasta meal without throwing it away. I failed in making poached eggs either. So is boiled egg. I can't seem to find a proper equation of how many spoon of sugar or seasoning do I need to add in to create at least SOME flavour in whatever that I am cooking up.
I have given up hopes on cooking anyway. Not until I get myself a Dato and have a maid to clean up the mess ;)

I dont know what went wrong!

I also have this extreme habits of not completing task. Like doing my reports half way, doing my expenses claims halfway, sewing half way and many other half way events that you can think of. Years after years, I tried my best to change this habits of mine.. and guess what....
I am just going to write this post HALF WAY for now!! 
Some traits are meant to be permanent..


  1. why halfway wei? when is part 2?

  2. happy new year 2011 cynthia! may 2011 bring lots and lots of amazing things your way. ;)

    p/s: i bet we'll never see the 2nd half of this post huh? LOL.


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