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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I only have one quick wish this Christmas - for all of you who have read this post to Please drop y to Isetan at Gardens Mid Valley (level 2) and buy some batik from me =D

I am most probably the only sales promoter / assistant or whatever you call those people who stands at the counter with their hands held at crotch level to have opt to park at the Premium Parking Lot in The Gardens. I seriously have considered jockey parking, but am not sure which is the nearest jockey services. I think there are at least half a million people that throng the whole of that Mid Valley city on a weekend.

And standing with hand held at crotch level with 4 inches heels ain't joke. I tried for 2 days. I think by now I may have mutilated my reproduction system. And most probably lost 3 ounce of knee joint plasma that will need 3 bottles of glucosamine for me to do some knee repairing job. This knee kneading / massage ain't helping. 

And so I attempted to get a pair of flats for RM50!! Seriously, I have not felt  in a 5-inches heels before. But today - I fell while wearing a flat shoes! Which leads to me almost scratching a car in the car park as I was trying to vigorously balance myself with my hands (while having the car key in hand) and scracth thru a Honda while doing the balancing mode =P

Story cut short -Please drop by and pay me a visit, smile and say Hi and BUY SOME BATIK FROM ME!

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