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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Art For Grabs

 What is best to describe me;

Traits I am born with

Terms I would like to grow accustomed to

Character that I often display

Now.. this is new..
(in conjunction with Stop Motion Project)

I am not sure how many ladies out there  will still be able to remain calm as a pot of honey when being called these names. I have seen a lot who went amok and starts making loud , extreme clear clarification on why they are not one of the above..

Seriously, I always think that it takes up a whole lot of effort and hard work to agitate / mutilate / elevate one to gain a status. Regardless of it being a bad or a good one. I really do not care much if people call me a bitch. (But I seriously hate it when you call me ugly lor...!) 

I am fine by the way I lead my life. Despite mum and most probably the entire family clan clinging to both side of mom and dad who never do understand why do I keep a distance from them; because I don't need any of you people's superficial advice on how to take charge of my life when you do not even swear go through a life like mine!

I don't know why did I divulge the topic...anyway... ARTS FOR GRABS! This is my second time attending, but this time I helped Mei with her button badges.
I love these kinda 'memperjuangkan something something' event where people will go all out to advocate for something either close to their heart or simply because it sounds cool to advocate for something. But for whatever reasons, more voices is better than no voices rite? ;)

If it ain't Hot, it ain't Me!

Crepe RM5.90 from Central Market

magnetic tiles from Rekhss!

my entire ensemble of less than RM100 whch got featured in MSN Life & Style =P

The best thing about Art For Grabs is that this will be the time for us to get our hands into buying books deemed not proper for public reading =D

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