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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Roundabout Series

This is how the highway looked like when I drove to KLIA at 120kmph

As much as I do not enjoy driving, being an outdoor sales person have more or less moulded me into a driver capable of re-routing without a GPS, co-habitate with my car (without any sexual innuendos!) since I am always in it, perform various task (no rhythmic gymnastic moves involved), and of course make calls, camwhore and sending text message is a ritual act of nature performed without fail. I have also adapted the habit of sleeping while driving, which is not a very good thing to do but I managed to excel >.<

No matter how perfect I am in honing my multi tasking skills, sometimes one just can't steer away from getting into shits. Caused by other's negligence. And somehow that damn TRANSNASIONAL bus driven by a pakcik decides to lick my anal HARD. I swear it was so hard I swerved unwillingly to the left of the road.

I got de-virginated =(

I think I could have won the Most Sucessful No Expression Award given the fact that I literally and practically had no mood to be in anger nor scared nor happy when it happened.
It happened. I got down. I looked. I took a notebook. I note down plate number, time and location and I left. It was as if I do not want to register that particular scenario in my life for the month of December 2010. 
I hate mishaps! I hate having to go through the trouble to go to the designated police station which allows reporting on vehicle accident. Designated! Read! I don't get it why can't any other police station with the same uniformed personnel in tight pants do the same freaking reporting.
I hate being asked to draw the incidents and using my identity card to act the role of my car and driving license the role of the bus and act the whole scene out. Seriously, in which incident would the story teller says that it is their fault? In my case, it really isn't my fault!

I ended the incident by brushing it off as a fact that has happened. I really dread dealing with gomen related agencies. The amount of calling and re-directing to different department and re-routing only to be telling the same story again annoys me. Just to think about it annoys me. And having to call Telekom on a monthly basis to seek for clarification on why is my line disconnected annoyed me enough on a monthly basis.
I really would like to brush off any other dealings with THEM.  Unless they are going to buy batik from me. 

I really dreaded the entire process of getitng hit in the ANAL and making a report out of it with a burly policeman wearing tight pants asking me to act the scene out.. dreaded so much so that I actually thought of just getting a new car to mend my dissapointment.. O.o (diva!!!)

Hmm... why did my post now swerve to talk about inefficiency in organisation?? 

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