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Friday, November 19, 2010

Penniless Week

This is most probably one of the weeks where I have to patronise the ATM machine as much as I go to the loo.
I have also stopped the luxury of swiping the sleek credit card for fuel anymore. It's pretty obvious that the only description of transaction I have printed on the monthly statement reads out SHELL - HAB JALAN KEPONG all the way for 2 pages. It is also due to the banning of the credit card usage have I now realised my cash flow diverts to nowhere but to fuel up =(

Now. Now.. I really do wish that this hooha about the world coming to an end will really materialise soon. Because, if it doesn't, that would simply means that I will have to again in debts for another 6 more years trying to pay off credit cards expenses.

And I can resist no temptation to seeing anything with a bare back. Zero To Ten is a brand available in Cats Whiskers. I did not realise that it is a reputable brand until recently went I went for the fashion buyers meeting in conjunction with MIFW and had a browse of The Guide book for the designers who are featured for the year. Little did I realised that Zero To Ten is a designer house based in that little corner of the Jalan Kenanga =D

And I want that bareback dress!!!

zerototen sale page 3.jpg
Scoop back dress!!!

I don't really have a nice toned back. Neither do I have a bosom-ful frontal melons. But I really would love to show something, but not the crotch!! I guess I am left with the only option of showing my back. But then again, when do you see me in any of these? 
I guess I lived too deep in my own fantasy of being a stage performer....


Fantastic cuts and use of material by a Jye'Ik

Another great cut to drool!

Some day, I hope to have my own collection to display. Not like the above which clearly requires a lot of funding and passion to compete in the fashion scene. I would be happy just to have a small humble collection under the label of Cyn-ergy =D  =D  =D  I just thought about tha name when I was stuck in the traffic today! I had Cyn-ergy and Cyn-ful, which I think both sounded more like some IT gadgets or sort... 

You can stop wondering if I will be making batik dresses and sort since that's what I am currently doing in my day job. Nope. I am looking at creating pieces for the dickheads with a sense of sex-lut-ism =P  
Go figure....

My working attire is going less and less corporate I am getting worried..

Cardi - Gift from Mei (from Cotton On)
Leopard Tunic top - Eff-Bombs
Skort - Cotton On
Dirty sandals - Bangkok ( cannot see =P)

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