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Friday, November 12, 2010

I Let You Win

Freedom of expression only exist in the confinement of the bathroom. Or perhaps when you are locked in your room under total nakedness. I have lost that kind of freedom, but only realised that now. Like, NOW.

Instead of giving more proactive thoughts, I have learnt that perhaps no talk is better than talk a lot.. Which resulted to me spending additional expenses on more supplements to aid in relieving suppression of angst and opinions.

It's really tiring sometimes to try to contribute parts of your effort into something that you thought have been a part of you, only later to be given a one-liner 'potong stim' statement like FOR WHAT?

People say Calcium and magnesium is good for depressed people

I have also realised most women wants to win in a discussion. Those who do not consider themselves winning or losing are those who just do not find a point to compete with you. ASP Ming and PC is really good in playing this part of the role. I hate losing. But now, I gave way. It's really tiring to even try to provide feedback, only to be bombarded with a one liner. I let you win. Now I know that what I say doesn't really matter. Because you need to win. Fine. I go yawn..

For the longest time ever, I have not been stepping into KLCC. Perhaps 6 months? Since I no longer have any appointment around. Till today. It hasn't changed much. Except that most shops have rotated their position. Stepping into malls sort of reminded me again of how much I dread window shopping. But that did not stop me from buying. I just need to get something to make sure its worth the trip :D

The ring for Sha-Lene!

I am keeping =P

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