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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That Last Week

This is just how freaking hot the afternoon soon was for the whole of the past week. Those damn heat have gotten into me that I felt sick like how one would feel sick when being pestered by direct selling companies' agents to join their prestigious agency. peerghhh!!

It was a hectic week running away from those persuasive, invasive, agressive beings from that multi level marketing agency who have almost liquidate RM5500 of my savings in attempt to lure me into getting a pile of anti aging products and some prospects of retiring by 35 years of age. 
They are so convincing in acts. And I wasn't that bad either in my own act of convincing =D. So I flee and had to later endure to a couple of days of calls and text messages asking me to drop by to sign over some documents and be ripped of my RM5500. brrrr!!!!  Nah! I give you this =P

I have nothing against people who dream of making money out of other by by teaching them to make more money for the superior in order to make money for their ownself. And I must say it takes a lot of guts to be the person who tries to make money from another person by preaching to the other person they can make more money from few more other person just by helping them to make money. 
But I have also long realised that this won't be my path to make  money or a living. I can't explain why. I just know it's not my cup of tea in life. 

Sales and marketing is a very interesting topic and in fact a very challenging kind of job to be in. I have so far sold security integration system, alarm system and now batik. I have attended job interviews to sell tiles and toilet bowls (which I was kinda excited to pursue initiallly!) That's not too many stuff that I have experienced. Now, I sometimes resort to helping to stand in for friends in selling in bazaars. 

I personally got into this wonderful world of sales by chance. It was never a job option for me. It never occured to me that sales and marketing is something that I can handle. I always thought that I will end up in some office, looking at documents ( but not finance, law or scientific research documents!) and be able to go up the corporate ladder and helm some high position in some MNC. 

And I shall stop talking about 'sales and marketing' because by now I have got bored of the  contents that I wanted to blog....!

2 apples a days - I just found out that apples are not that bad to eat 

For the second time, I had to drive to KLIA again for appointment. Took me 1 hour and half to go and another hour to drive back. I always feel jittery and stressed when having to plan for an appointment far from my radar of road knowledge. I seriously do not know the actual way to reach Concorde KLIA. Not the first time. And not the second time also. But an appointment is an appointment and for the sake of securing some contracts, it didn't leave me with much choice.

Most probably you don't get it why do I feel the jitters despite being a driver for the past decade. Because until today, while I do not know all the roads in Klang Valley and ouside of Klang Valley and despite that my job requires me to drive around a lot, I refused to succumb to technology in order to find my way. 
I am just going to stick to referring to those old school sign board and drive around the same place for 3 times before I attempt on another route. Only to repeat the same mistake. Eventually I will arrive. It may just take some extra time..

This is how it looked like at 120kmph 

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