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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That Saturday Drapes

It's been a while since I have had the time and focus to go down to the showroom and strut some stuff on the mannequins... The drapes on the mannequin have been left stagnant for alsmost forever. I am slowly losing my sensory in what I do. Or perhaps my services in that particular department is no longer important unless I bring in hoardes of people to the showroom to ogle and spend money on those supr fabulous hand painted fabrics.

This would have turn into another rant post about work- which I think people would get un-interested on how I cope with depression at work or am losing the sanity of trying to master the skills of sell at delusional state of mind.. Anyway.. I still think our work of art here is such a breathtaking scene to the artistic world of hand painted fabrics.

draped this on Saturday in the office.
I would call this hmmm... Rimba?

A saturday's drape again..
Concept : Construction In Progress

some older collection oh-so-versatile piece of saree
which reminds me I need to start working on my self-designed saree piece..

Some pictures of our collection I googled from the previous MIFA? Gosh, I don't even know what have I attended -__-

Peacock on the prowl - 100% hand drawn like mad

who says men cannot bergaya in metrosexual batik prints?

On another note, that woman whose mom was assasinated (as she was so damn rich) got into the politcal party and was given a portfolio / post / responsibility. I wonder if I join the any political party and if my mom sells currypuff, would I be considered a post in the committee too? I can sell currypuff and spread the awareness of eating currypuff till you bleed potatos from your anus..
Happy Sunday....

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