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Friday, October 22, 2010

What are u blind?


someone show me a picture of a girl in a dress from a Zara catalogue ( I know it's from Zara as there Zara logo was as big as my screen) and asked me where to get that piece of dress..

Girl, I don't know.. perhaps you can get that dress which you have shown me from a Zara website from a Zara website or a Zara retail outlet? I mean, that big bang logo on the site does give a very big clue that IT IS FROM Zara. No? Perhaps Padini may carry a Zara dress? I don't know.

How much is that dress?
How much is that dog is at the window? wow wow..
How much is that dress that's on the site?
Why oh why would you assume I know?
I don't work in Zara. Neither do I own a piece of Zara panties.
And my papa ain't the Zara boss..

maharani jumbo pendant from Cats Whiskers 

I just realised Daiso EverBilena eyeliner is too good to be true at RM5!

I can no longer stand the complain from my staff that my hair looked like I have no money to maintain the color

So I paid RM95 to have this on =D\
Nope, not by an aunty hair dresser please..

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