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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My WishList before the Year End

This is my second attempt to test my luck for the last time before the year end. I don't think I want to pretend as if Santa will drop me a gift. I want to beg / sogok / plea / sujud / merayu for the organiser and the sponsor to give my wish the deepest consideration. Because if my WISH COMES TRUE, 3 people will be very happy!

First will be Mama.
The last time I bought her a watch was when I was in Sixth Form? I am now .. quite old. Off the 20's. So yeah, that was a pretty long time. And I think the dodgy looking 25Hours watch is no longer functional. It's really shameful that I did not get her a replacement. I could have simply get her any watch. But that would be quite meaningless to simply get her another weirdly branded watch which retails at RM39 rite? Only to have it broken in another 3 months.. =(
But now I can't wish her a watch as the LIZ  CLAIBORNE WATCH I wanted to wish for is SOLD =(


So I think the next best thing would be the Coach Signature Skinny Wristlet

Coach Signature Skinny Wristlet

Last week I saw her with a LV wristlet, bought from the warung outside Carrefour -__- Obviously it cost a mere RM8.... sigh.... makes me feel like some kinda useless big fat child who can't afford Ma a decent wrislet for her to carry around in style without being gossiped that she is carrying a Queen of Fake that doesn't even cost RM10 =(
Then it didn't help much to brighten her days when I came back on a shopping spree and bought her this :

Vintage-y rosey bucket bag in canvas!! RM10 -__-

Don't think she likes it THAT much. She had a long stare and stash it away. And I remember I heard a  quiet lecture about how quality bags are always a preferred choice yada yada yada..... Though the next day I saw her using it. To store newspaper and shoes -__-
So yeah, I am wishing for the kindness of all to grant Ma a wristlet of a genuine quality, so that she can at least be proud of owning a COACH WRISTLET-AUTHENTICALLY HERS . please!!?

Then somehow I stumbled upon a POST by Mei of Eff-Bombs which sounds so kesian. She seems to have lost everything and anything except herself and her studs. I don't really know her well, as the first and the last time I saw her was during the Pick n Grab 8 last weekend, wearing a horny reindeer horn.

Lost everything and still can smile...

The string of pick-pocketing to burglarising to robberising to snatch thiefing seems like a chain of misery! Hence I would l do hope that she will be able to get a decent bag to replace all her stolen, snatched, burglarised bags. She wished for the NINE WEST HOLIDAY TOTE to put all her purchases, and monies and laptop and maybe this time a 'senjata' to fend off the idiotic hungry penyeluk saku =)
If she does get the tote, I hope she will in return send me a packet of studs. And a packet each to the organiser and the sponsor too!  *__*
Yah, and so Miss Mei of  Eff-Bombs will be the second person who will be darn happy if she gets a bag. =D

Lastly, the 3rd person who will be very much delighted would be ME.
Yeah, I don't need a 800 bucks bag. I am a very humble girl next door who is so berjimat cermat. BUT. I need a set of make up to last me for at least a year. The most expensive eye shadow I may have bought should be the Maybelline single shade eyeshadow for RM16. During Watson's Sales period. I have never been that lucky to have a taste of high end cosmetics.
2 years back, my friend saw me also felt they cannot tahan my cheap cosmetics as it does not bring out the ME in ME, he decided to give me a PS makeup and got me a makeover. Like this :

The zero-cost make over by a friend =(

Then I complained I do not want to look like a Despo Housewife.. especially an old one.. and he decided to get me the Umbrella-ella-eh-eh style..

Rihanna vs Rimunna =P

So, to achieve the gliteratti and glamorama style of the above, I need somethin proper. Like this palette of colors from Victoria Secret. Don't you people wanne see a more sultry part of me, instead of the yippi yaya cuckoo part of me? :(
Grant me the wish please!


To those who want to give your luck a try, do give a click to check out what is the fuss all about. To those who think I deserve to have my wishes come true, maybe you may want to help me blog about making my wish come true? =P

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wishing upon the butterfly wing... lemme win please!!!!!!

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