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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre Not Yet!

The only bazaar I've set my foot on would be the Sunday Flea Market look-alike area in Plaza Mon't Kiara. Wait, I am not sure what is it. As there are people selling fruits, more people selling fruits, many selling clothes and accessories and sometimes church having 'lelong' sales. I know what are being sold - because all the big canvas umbrellas are blocking my sight to look for the restaurant I wanted to go =P
OOhh!! I was also told those stalls with again big canvas umbrellas along the pavement at The Curve are also bazaar! All along, I thought it's some charity auction or carnival to raise fund for the lesser fortunate -__-
Along the journey of online shopping I was intorduced to the many other bazaars around town. Which I assume there will again be middle-aged aunties selling corns and strawberries.

Rupa-rupanya tidak!! Alahai....
My first bazaar! I would like to call it My First Junkie Yuppie bazaar =P
Organised by people who look like they have just completed a session of Capsule's MTV and head down straight to sell some funky clothes =P
Grab n Pick Version Part 8

The Saturday crowd where people give no concern if you are eyeing on the same piece of dress. They just have to be quick and grab!

The Sunday morning with people opting to savour dim-sum elsewhere in Kepong and leaving the seller to get idylic and sleepy.
Everyone is craving for attention. Promotions and discounts are crying out loud and clear.

My purchase on Day 2- I would like to call it the Molestor Top
from the land of people looking like they just finished a MTV session for Capsule - Lah Lah Land
RM25!! (bazaar price)

Also another piece from Lah Lah Land - I wuld call this the Yippi Yaya Excess Baggage Top
RM35 (bazaar price)
I got home and attempted to fly with it, as the excess fabric looked like its big enough to make into wings.
Failed. Too heavy I think..
I don't know why I bought this
Mei of Eff-Bombs, the one with the growing horns
Some other cool stuff which I may not be able to accept, but still think its fantabulous for people below my age
More yada yada in YourShoppingKaki!

OK!! Back to work!! Have a happy Monday! Damn...

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