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Monday, November 23, 2009


Kio and I discussed about a lot of issues yesterday.. work, bitches, Korean food ( since we are already in the Korean restaurant), salaries, fat asses, sickness, insurance and more bitches.
There really is a lot of intriguing issues that I really wanted to make a big rant out of it.
Again we tried to find a purpose of living, surviving and how insurance claims may not have any use when there is a clause to mention that u can only claim for your unlimited medical cost when u have reached Stage 4. Normally people would start seeing the lights of hell in Stage 3 ..
She wanted to open a shop that sells baking apparatus and will be contented if there are aunties who will drp by on daily basis to buy things. Like anything. And hoping to survive the rest of her life just by having a few aunties dropping by to buy a spoon or two. And maybe some castor sugar.
If i were to take over her shop one day, I will start meeting up with hotels F&B and give a thorough qutes on stuff I can supply to them, meeting bakeries owner to seal a deal on long time supply of flour at a competitve rate, and most probably propose to cooking and baking centre to be an agent and sell the stuff we have in the shop.
She have also thought of being a masseur, simply contented by picking only clients she likes, among which shuold be only women, women who does not bitch, women who are not too big a size, women with nice and decently architectured premise, and most probably women whom she think is worth being her friend. She is contented. With just that.
If I were to take over her on-site massage services, I would go to The Star office and propose a free write up of the services to create more awareness on the positve side of massage which does not collaborate with other activities to include blow job, sex and masturbation services. And I would also make her train a group of masseur wannabee to extend the network of staff and thence be able to rake in more clients a day. And definitely I will take any sort of customers, big, fat, thin, naggy, ugly, boobless and such..
And that is just us.. people who flock together may not be of the same feather. But we still flock together..

circa 1994 ?

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