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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Have you been doing any good deeds recently?
Me? hmmm...
apart from cleaning the prayer altar, buying my staff some free lunches, and not yell at the waitresses.. nope, i didn't do much good deeds..
And no one approaches me to sell flags too.. No beggars around the area too.. But I supposed none of these are considered any major life changing contribution :)
Personally, I have a soft spot for older people.. hence I think I have a tendency to steer towards helping on old-people-related issues. I couldn't stand the agony looking at those 70 years old uncle near my place who have to lug a bicycle full of old carton boxes to the recycle centre in hope of selling it to afford a day's meal.
Then there are also cases of old mothers who have to work their ass and life off to make a living for a bunch of useless children who knows only to ask for money and not be able to give the comfort of a peaceful live to the 2 person who gave them life. Sometimes I wish money is not an issue to all rising issue in the society.
Apparently, despite money not being able to buy happiness, it is still considered one of the main aspect in lots of issues in the society.
No money means no means of providing a platform to help the lesser fortunate people in any way. I mean.. if u want to help some African kids who are starving and u are in Malaysia, u can't be making a walking trip to Africa with 2 cans of tuna and a loaf of bread in ur bag in hope that u can help the starving kids. It's a great thought of course, but doesn't seem possible with a SINGLE effort. But if u have a 1000 people with 2 cans of tuna each and a loaf of bread,the next step would be to figure out how to transport these to the kids.. and make sure it gets to the kids and not being fed to the dolphins in the sea =P  (of course the dolphins need help too, but a different mode of help)
Now u see why it's never easy to be a philantrophist.. with insufficient money..?
But don't worry.. I am not asking for your penny or pounds or rupees to buy cans of tuna :)
Just asking for a bit of kindred spirit to click

(U know... just like how some of u help me to be 2 cents richer by clicking on my nuffnang ads =P )

of course after u clicked on it, look for PROJECT EXPLORER AND VOTE.

What is

Our Mission: To provide a global cultural experience through film and multimedia materials aimed at fostering the next generation of global citizens.

Founded in 2003 by Jenny M Buccos, is a nonprofit organization (501c3) that produces free, online global travel series. Designed for family and classroom, provides students with access to peoples and places they may never have seen or knew existed.

Over the last decade, the emphasis placed on global education has significantly increased in primary and secondary education. Students and educators are no longer limited by the geographic locations of their places of learning; technology can literally bring the world to the classroom.’s Award-winning* online film series, photos, travel blogs, and encyclopedia-style research are provided free-of-charge.’s programs cover multiple subject areas that foster cross-cultural understanding.

To accomplish its mission, relies on and continues to seek partnerships from corporate and government sponsors, as well as individual supporters. It is with their help that is made available free-of-charge to the learners of the world, so that we all might better understand one another.

It’s time to Go Global with!

* is a 2009 recipient of a prestigious Parents’ Choice Gold Award, selected for the highest production standards, universal human values and a unique, individual quality that pushes the series a notch above others.
Jenny is an advocate for children and education.
Winnie my friend is an advocate for abandoned stray dogs.
And I would also like to do something for the old people.
But in the mean time, if you are still doing some soul searching to see where u are inclined to.. give the children and education a click  :)
Even if u prefer dogs more than kids, no harm helping out in terms of mouse-click so that Project Explorer can have enough fundings to help people rite?

And u can check out some cool videos made in regards to GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP here too :

Maybe u will be inspired to do up a video? After all I don't see much Malaysian .. in fact any Malaysian videos :)

Me? I haven't been able to derive what Global Citizen meant for me  :D

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