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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy new Year?

Been awhile since I have some time to get connected to this pathetic platform of vent.. Too busy coloring, stealing nap time in between and lazing around :)
Hanoi was crazy!!!
Now that I am back... there seems to be a lot of aunties shopping and the dong dong chiangs stated blasting out loud.. Rupa-rupanya Tahun Baru Cina is around the corner.
Hate it..
Anyway, for this bull's year which I am predicting everyone will have to work as hard as a bull and still be in a poor condition as a bull, and survive the hardship of the society by bullshitting.
I hope despite the bullish after effect of this inauspicious year, I will at least manage to scrape thru and welcome 2010 with a new car, win some lotteries, get a Ferragamo ... ok... sudah melebih lebih pulak...........

I wish to have a magical ball to win me some lotteries, and a new car :D
Seriously, not a very good year to start with. The RM3000 i invested in some stoopid China fund is now thinner than air. Statment came indicating I am left with RM1614.79. Where did the balance goes?? :(
Then some stupid Vietnamese ripped / bladed / cut / slashed my Laotian hand made-cum-hand stitched bag :(
I swear!! All u people who have such habit to rip off tourist in your 3rd world country -- all of you shall remain poor and be in the bullish state for the next few generation!!! grrr!!! benci!!!!!
ok la.. GONG XI FA CAI

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