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Friday, January 2, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Whom I May be concerned of,

Further herewith, I would like to tender my expiration of services in this humble yet growing, expansive yet expensive abode chaired by yours truly.

It has been a pleasure to be attached to such prestigious monarchy.

The disembarkation of my services have been long under my ponder-rification / consideration.

Yours truly have passed down immense knowledge which I deem immaculately precious.

Not being a Harvard graduate, I truly appreciate your trust in me. The patience seeded in me. It has been a terrific journey which I am reluctant to bury as just another episode of my life.

Givent the opportune in time and space, i trust I will truly flourished in the desired industry where all girls yearned to be in. There are no glitteratti, blowing kisses and such in my expectation during the tenure of my services. I truly savour all hardship, resistance and obstacles that each and everyone of us ave gone thru. I dream about what I do. I talk about what I do. My friends get bored of what I do as I preach a lot. I eat what i do. Literally.

But it has come to a moment that situation does not permit me to be goin thru the bushes with the rest of you. I no longer have the energy and drive. Which are deeply sunken when I am collectively facing incompetent people in my boundaries of work space. I felt this before. yes, I am adamant that the same feeling have triggered my emotion some time ago. Which leads to my departure. And arriving at your humble little abode. To conclude, I felt a presence of agitation yielding in my inner thoughts when faced with people who do not aspire me to move forward achieving better results. I am a Kiasu-ist. I am hungry for competition. Which I sort of realised I am not getting here. not when there is someone who have no common sense to go get a vacuum bag filler for 3 whole months, and give reasons that she is not aware of the model ( wtf!! 3 months to still not figure?? ). Nope. Not when there are people who mistakenly invoices suppliers instead of issuing POs.

Its sad :(



I am sad. That all I have built and all I have learnt to love dearly will be buried as deep as a corpse.

But life goes on..

lastlyI would like to thank yours truly for all the supports placed on me.


Sore bitch...

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