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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Thats All I Did On the Eve of Kong Hei Fat Choi..

This is how I feel every time Chinese New Year come. Not the kinda celebration that I look forward to.. Over the years, having to go through the almost stagnant process of visiting people from one point to another covering more location every year made me ponder the real meaning of the 'event'.
Synonym to the culutre of the chinese whom are known to be enterprising and posesses good business acumen, and will do anything that the feng shui master instruct just to get some luck or strike some 4D, the celebration too are called Gong Xi Fa Cai! which literally says : Hope u get big fortune !! man... that just shows how our mind really never steer away from the wealth eh...... while the rest of the people exclaims 'Happy New Year' , we yelled 'Hope U Strike Some Fortune'.
As auspicious at it may be, it's really annoying.. though I would love to be flushed with a pot of wealth at the scream of the greeting. I supposed it just shows how we Chinese honour the piece of paper with the Agong's face that it has become a sort of celebration that the new year will bring more Agong's face to the wallet.
I foot his bill :S
Eve of new year is just.. another weekend of nothingness. Nope, didn't feel delirious nor happy to usher the new year since Ma have repeatedly remind me that I am gonnna be in a string bad luck since I am a cruel person...of no positive karma.. so it's confirmed Im gonna see u guys in hell.
Tea time with 'cocky'. Someone just attempted to pay for the food amounting to RM16.10 with a credit card. WTF WTF WTF .... waitress confused. I paid. FULL STOP.
All I had for reunion dinner.
Reunion dinner was never grand for us since there is only me and Ma. Nevrtheless there is always food, which I am fine. was roaming Jusco with 'cocky' to get his HTC stylus.. bad idea..... Kepong is dominated by gold haired ah bengs, and its Chinese new year's eve ... what wud u expect to find in an area dominated by Chinese yuppies at 6.30pm ??
reached home at 7pm and Ma stared at me point blank.

Ma : eh!! U are back? err.. I ate alredi. Thought u are not coming back for dinner. (heads to shower)

Me : --_____--

And that was the harmonious dinner we had to usher 2009.

Went out with 'cocky' again later that nite to watch 'Dunia Di Bawah : UNDERWORLD- THE RETURN OF THE LYCAN. Man!!!! If all that is required to make a movie, I think I can do it too.. Make the characters turn into some weird beast, then each beast start slashing at the human. Slash, slash, slash.. reminds me of Hari Raya haji, where people sembelih lembu massively, so the cows all return and revenges by slashing the human bean back... OURWORLD : THE RETURN OF THE LEMBUS...

snap, snap fireworks!
By the time we are out in the parking, 'cocky' saw fireworks in the sky. demanded i stop the car and watch firework.. U_____U
the land of the Ah Bengs and gangsters anene, KEPONG

photography skills sucks

Been living in Kepong for 2 years plus or so. In fact this is the first time I sorta really never bother to look out into the sky of Kepong all this while I resides here. Cus I hte where I am :(
Then the fireworks display were everywhere.. within a gap of 30 second another new fireworks at a different spot occurs. Well, it clearly pointed out that Kepong people are rich... (maybe due to repeated greetings of KONG HEI FAT CHOI)
As far as I am concerned a 5 minutes show of fireworks display with arrays of actions definitely equals the amount of deposit required to purchase a national car, the very least. And there are many 5 minutes or more display that we have witnessed and put in clear evidence with the unskilful photography skills the both of us combined. :D

nope, no one set Kepong ablaze yet.

another display of bad skills

How's your new year?

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  1. wei, how come all the photos turned out to be blurrish! ur CNY gathering expression doesn't seem to be like angry - more of cute (Li Li Chan)


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