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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Of Testosterone and Cortisol

This is an interesting video that Sha-Lene have thrown on my Facebook wall.
Being in a sales-based position, I must admit I have been in those situation where it doesn't give me much option but to 'Fake it till I make it' in every presentation that I have to do, being a fully prepared one or an impromptu. Thank god that I have acquired this skill to think ahead while my mouth is talking out loud =D

This particular research and observation by Amy Cuddy seems legit. I have never been a bold person. In most situation, I am submissive and shy. Yes. Shy. Cannot meh?
But given my lack of academic enhancement and yet the will to really perform at work, many a time I have to 'fake' it. 

Click Here : Body Language

True to what Amy have indicated, while you try go surpass all expectation by faking it in every circumstances, you sort of become good with what you do and it eventually seeps in, making you yourself and others believe that you actually can deliver what you are supposed to.

That is the time when you realised that you have 'Fake it till you become it'

So, STRIKE A POWER POSE TODAY and get rid of your fear!
Happy Monday ahead!

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