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Friday, March 7, 2014

There is an Idiot at Work

It is.
My boss said I should sympathise.
I did, before I labeled this clown an idiot.
Now, he is just nothing more than a pair of loose balls with minimum grey mass in it.

I supposed I shouldn't be too emotional about it. because obviously I am not the idiot. And there isn't anything to lose from my end.
I seriously hate working with non-competent people.
The last I had an incompetent boss, I justy couldn't control myself from throwing things at his office door.
Yes, I am temperamental.

Like in every other organisation I have been attached to previously, I know my ability to exude the negativity to make people get out of my life.I am so tempted this time round. As I have never seen anyone as idiotic as this specimen before.

I have seen lazy staff. Lazier ones. Then there are those who gives you 101 reasons to not deliver. There's some stubborn artistic cases too who refuses to listen.
But this idiot tops it all - like a spastic.

Tomorrow I hope I can lace some cockroach spit on his cups and let him scratch balls non-stop.


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