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Sunday, February 9, 2014

That Saturday Night

Ahh... and I am back from the hoohaa of getting married and all.
The guy is now back to his work place in Kazakhstan and I have tons of blogpost, sales report and boring slides to push thru 2014.

I didn't start the year right as much right as I hope it is right, according to what I have in mind.
There was too much anger, too many intervention and too much mouths.

Now, I am married.
Now, I am still hot despite being married.
Now, I am slightly larger and yet hot despite being married.
And now, while being slightly large and hot despite being married, I have this super natural drive to excel at work.

I don't know. But I want to do well.
Like extremely well that everyone gotta kneel down kinda well.
It's like as if so much light is in front that I can't wait to dash over and take the reign!

Oh Saturday nights, you are such a lust.
I am so inpsired wiht lots of ideas at the wee hour of a Saturday night,
while getting excited for yoga on a Sunday morning.
I want to sleep, but I have melodies stringing in my mind!
Shall I sleep? Shall I put down my inspiration towards work?
Oh Saturday night... I hate you.

I love this ball next to me =9

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