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Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Amoi weds Macha

20 february 2009
Twas the day a macha held his wedding reception with ASP Ngiam.
Which prompted me to think about my life...
IF. IF. one day I managed to get myself married off to someone who can take my rambling, my constant nags, my constant fear towards a lot of stuff and my equally high demand (on bed) :P , I want to have an Indian wedding :D

Yup, INDIAN wedding. Obviously that would involves an Indian spouse :D
Which sane Chinese lame-arse would want to have an Indian ceremony fpr their wedding for no particular reason?

The very interesting Indian genes that I have in me.. I dun really get it also, why am I so enthralled to go thru everything Indian. I eat tosai, I learn odissi, I have an Indian name (sometime), I listen to carnatic music, and I know a lil bit of aartis and bhajans , jangan main-main... it's like I am certain I am destined to be one.. and I want to be one.. :)

It amazes me, everytime i set my foot into an Indian temple, I love the freedom of mind it gave me. I felt so at peace with the tranquility of the space and the coldness of the mosaic floor. And I love Chindian kids :D

Well I hate children to be honest. But I think I can bear having Chindan kids of my own. And I am sure they would look superbly gorgeous regardless of how the daddy looked like :) cos I am gorgeous wut!! Wait... that is IF. IF i can be married off :( cis.........

Suren and Ming
Li Li


Carrie , Maya

macha, amois and minah

we are hot!!


the science class

more amois and a minah

convention of science geeks

we are still single :D

single with boobs

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