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Saturday, February 7, 2009

That Thing with 4 Wheels

Its pre-Thaipusam today. Traffics are unbearable... Took me almost an hour watching flocks of cars being stagnant at the Batu caves roundabout. The jam also almost took the life of my humble little car.. I must admit I have not been taking any good care of the car in my possession over the years.. And reaching its 7th anniversary soon, where I will be released from the bonding of loan, THAT humble little car is almost resembling a metal scrap..

It really isn't my fault. Its the other driver's fault. They knocked me. They reverse on me. It's THEM. Not ME. Since the previous overhauling which caused a burn in my pocket.. I have learnt how to look at the indicator with a termometer next to the odometer. Still!!! I realised one very important thing.. even if i know how to see when the temperature is rising, what can I do????
I am stuck in the freakin jam!!!

There are many morals to learn from thihs incident. That being girls , u either get a boyfriend who can save you in bad times like this. or make sure you have enough money to order a new car . But, i think I will choose the money option. Otherwise, one can also opt to learn more about cars.. hmm..took me 5 years to realise that you need to check for water level in some compartment near where the engines are..

So, let's go car shopping. Anyone??

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