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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nude is Good

And there they go again.... wasting columns in the paper publicising on wakil rakyat who was caught witht heir legs open.. I think it's gonna last for a couple of weeks till the MP decides step down or commit suicide due to extreme stress..

For heaven sake, it's only a picture of a middle age lady sleeping !!!!!!!! naked. why the frak is the fuss??

but i supposed, living in this nation where the Prime Mnister rather plant a ciku tree in the name of officiating some smart school dedicated for the not so smart people, than to brainstorm on what is to be implemented for a more developed nation.. nothing is impossible..

And so a Miss Wong who is the wakil of the rakyats in a small town got her not-s0-notti-yet-not- hot pics out in the public.. and there is all this fuss from everywhere to ask her to step down bla bla, bla... then some silly tv station also interviews the public on how they felt.... well, obviouslly the men may get their dick hard. No? Instead there are rambling os dissapointment that the YB actually did such a 'gross' thing. I don't get it. What is the 'gross' thing they are talking about?

Since i do not have a clue as to how the pics are... or if its more obscene than poses that I can do :P I assume the only nasty pose the woman can do is accidentally opened her feet a bit too wide than the normal standing position.. But hey!! all of us do so too when we are on the bed wut..... not all sleeps like snow white..

IF, if, if .... one day tu kan, I got my pics exposed, how would I feel? hmm.... I cant really tell how would I feel. But if i were to presume that these may happen, I guess I would have to slim down a bit, create more curves and make sure I am photogenic enough with my labia facing the public.. then I would be contented to have show the world how hot and hence proud i am of my sexuality and prowess on nude scene... woolalalala... :D

Anyhow, dear Miss Wong the leader of Bukit Lanjiao, please do not be despair. The place which we resides here is a rotten piece of onion. They are merely so distracted by the freedom we have in our lifestyles. While most of their offspring are caught red-handed in the bushes having oral sex under the tudung, I think you are sooo cool to have a fling with a young guy :D cool!!!

As for the nude part, nah, it's nothing. At least you have proved yourself hot!

And I shall herewith post a pic of a hot!!!!!!!!!!! boobs which caught my sight..

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