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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I so hate where i live.

Again I heard people yodelling in lust a unit below mine.

I hate where I live.

As much as i love sex, it's not really what I have in mind to have the sound effect translated to my mind in THIS neighbourhood.

Day in day out, i enter the elevator alongside many other people not as hot as me >_<
Mostly ladies in their shabby pajamas, dirty work clothes, out-of-fashion-wear, weeping baby in tow. And men in their extremely dirty work clothes, 2 packs of cigarettes in hand, engine-oil laden hands, smelly body, scruffy hair and not really in good shape.
Oh, there's another group of men above 46 yrs old. In worn out shirt with only 2 buttons on and 3 quarter pants that seems not washed for a couple of days.

When I heard the yodel, (for the second time!!) I felt a moment of intrusion into my life after work. My private life in my room. Why does the sound transfer so easily to my unit?
Why must she start yodelling at 10.30pm?? We are living in time where at 10.30pm, there's lots of series to catch up on tv. And that is als time where most would have just finished some light snacks after dinner and waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start.

10 freaking minutes of yodeleh- yodeleh-hii-hoo!!!! It could have been longer, I dunno....
But it keep roaming my mind to find out who is the 'yodeler' among those that I've seen in the elevator daily??
Gawd i pray it's not the 60 years old aunty who sells newspaper or her daughter in law who looked like a tomboy. Gosh, please not the ah sor who wear crocs and always dirty the elevator with her bags of dripping thrash.

I guess it's none of my business as to when people like to yodel. not that I have anything against it.. Hey, its part of sex :) and sex is not prohibited.
But to have to listen to people yodeling when I am in meditation mode trying to convince myself I have a great life is not appealing at all..

I hate my place....

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