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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have stopped looking forward to anything in the stupid job that I do.
I hate to go to work and see almost the full bunch of people i hate and so want to
pour acid and see them dissolve.
I also hate the idea of giving instructions to people with intellect not equivalent to the post that they are holding in the organisation.
But I do like having sessions where the people i despise are dispersed around and hidden among heads of kids.

Yeah i conducts workshop. Doing b a t i k. Conduct may not be a suitable term. Facilitate ? Teach ? Assist ? Lectures?
Whatever it is, I head the class :D (Ya, I have a tendency to monopolize what I do)
As much as I don't like kids, its a warm feel in the heart when you hav this ;

CLASS PARTICIPATION - ya, kids actually do listen sometimes. depends on what you said and how u convey your message. ANd i think I did quite ok :) despite the facts that I hate kids , pets or any organism that excrete out shit. besides me, of course :)
Garbed with little knowledge I have on what I preach to these people, I think I always manage to conduct the class with grace and a dash of emotional quotient and hopefully inspires them to not go be an arse to the society.

See? I ask provocative question which leads to much anticiption. woot!

Kids from Negeri Sembilan on a tour to KL, dropping by for an hour of batik session.

I believe in the answer-and-u-shall-be-rewarded mode of learning. Cus people are often greedy to get some freebies, tho its some expired calendar bookmark... :P (gosh i am evil)

Sometimes I do a wonderful job in giving out explanation. Sometimes I am crap. So my teaching trails and I mislead people, i must admit. nevertheles I am still good at what I do :P

I think I sound convincing enough :)

No meh??

Kids from Sek Men Tampin or Telok Gong or somewhere from Seremban.

A very weird day indeed. With 40 students from the Kelab pelancongan of the particular school. Class was as usual. I trailed and mislead as usual :)
And the President of the club made a speech to thank me... awww... i mislead and crapped my way and i got a thank you speech... U__U (i vow i will do better next time)
And it was 1 hour and half session of briefing, and hand-on, 15 mins of drying and Q&A and another 15 mins of camwhoring with the students in the gallery. Upon request. :)
Well cant blame them. They have not seen any ah moi in batik sarong as gorgeous as mine.
And by now my pix is already in most of their camera phone memories and downloaded to friendster. Ya I heard a smatter of Mandarin about 'friendster' during the unofficial photo taking session..
I hope you guy can photoshop my boobs a bit before uploading? No?

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