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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Could It Be?

For the past 6 months, nothing great seem to happen? Lots of speculation going around.

Could it be that I am not as good as I used to?
Could it be that I have lose the aggresiveness I possessed previously?

Could it be that I have lose the focus in my work?
Or, could it be this;

The workstation of the year
The last resort of getting a reason to explain why have i not been excelling in getting million dollar sales : a major dis-organised workstation which contradicts the feng-shui elements.

Maybe the God Of Prosperity cannot tahan see the condition of my humble little hub? *_*?

Really so bad to drop by and give me some luck ah Choi-san?

My boss and I figure this could have be the most possible reason to me not doing well. Hmm.. I think so too.. I mean, I can't be that bad in my work... I did all I could, try act like 'gwai-po' in my conversation with the high class datin, flash my boobies a bit to the high class dato, try to be sweet and demure, but nothing seems to work!! -_- ~~

So next week onward, I will shift to another location in the office. Another 'prime' area - next to the loo .. >_< !!! Hey never underestimate a loo...

The last time i sat exactly next to the loo... and the smell still lingers till now. And the humble little previous workstation look similar as well!!

But I still get the million dollar sales....

Maybe because he is watching me.....

Think I should go and get myself another of this 'ong' plush toys.....

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