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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gimme The Signs!!

Can anyone enlighten me, what is the indication of this road? Is this :
a) zebra crossing
b) street graffitti
c) arrow to the left?
d) arrow to the right?
e) Citrawarna M'sia?
street ethnic motif (anyam mengkuang style?)

Why is there a need to get me confused? why can't a road be a road?

road or park? and how come got UFO lamp post?

this is not even a pavement but a main road. again, what does the color indicate?

turn where??

dear mr samee veroo,

i m writing on behalf of the confused souls. why are there so many colors on the road and no arrows? do i turn or not turn?
if i turn, where to? to the left or to the right? why must there be tar road and brick road combined together? U really think it made a good combination? I am really so confused and frustrated when i have to go thru and fro for 120 km from KL to reach this area and later only to get myself confused.
Suddenly u decide to have a combination of colorful bricks. For a while I was like :
OMF!! Is this a park? Is this a maze? where is the normal road? why?? oh why?? gimme me d normal road? even if u don't can't u just put some sign board or arrow?? How the hell do I know where the hell am I leading myself to??
And when i saw where I want to go, u expect my late grandpa send me signal and lead me the way?? can't u draw arrow on the street to let me know if i can turn or no turn???

I want to go to this darn place!!

Lastly, Mr Samee Veroo,
I hope u can take in consideration that Putarjaya and watever Jaya is still a location like any other location where normal people like me visit wether i like it or not. for kumari sake and all sane ppl, PLEASE HAVE THE NORMAL ROAD BACK LAR!!! I CANNOT KEEP BANGING INTO PPL'S CAR AND MAKE REPORT IN POLIS STATION EVERY TIME I GO PUTARJAYA!!

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  1. much ramblings...Funnie and u made lost in those words hehe


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