Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Have a Piece of My Cake please

I have a confession to make.
Yes, once in a while I do have a 5 figure commision
With a 4 figure salary only by the way

So what do you do with a sudden sum of money flooding in?
There's plan to upgrade to a new notebook
A new tablet
And new workdesk perhaps.

I haven't been doing a lot of decent deeds.
I won't term them good deeds.
Because I am not a very good person to begin with.
But I always believe there are things that you just need to share out.
Wealth especially.

I am not wealthy.
Not at all
But I would like to think that I will have enough to share out
For those in need
Really in need I mean.

Note: do you notice my full stops and non-fullstops.. I am very discreet

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