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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

But What About Me

I was told by a colleague that for any matters that may arise and provoke some individuals to bark despite at the wrong tree, just keep quiet. As long as the barking one is happy, then let them be.

But what about me?
I am not happy at all.

If this is a fierce animal passing by and our lives are at stake, perhaps that's the best way to it.
But aren't we professionals in our job and everyone is hired to do theirt job regardless of hierarchy?

To most of their understanding, our aim is to please. Because we are paid employees.
Yes, I am a Paid employee. being paid to do my job, to excel in my job and hopefully sharpen my skills and eventually being able to bring me up the corporate ladder and of course contribute to the progress of an organisation - where I am being paid.
Not to stand by the side and see if others need a help to undress their panty just because they cannot go to the toilet unassisted (hypothetically)..

Just what about me and what I want in life too?
Besides trying to please others who are more keen to let the day dwindle and live the rest of their life sucking off with no proper skill?

I don't know.
I just cannot live to please people just so they can shut their mouth and provide some peace to the whole scene.

No, this is not the way.
This is not how an office run.

Just what about me?

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