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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Leaving It All

I always believed in sustainability.
It's like, if you can tread a certain miles forward, why not tread along those who may need it. Throughout my life, I have been given many opportunities. Some are great, some merely wanting to take some  benefits out of you.
Whatever it is, every opportunity taken is a curve to learn.
Finally I have decided to revoke everything from this useless being which I have tried sustaining by giving freelance jobs. Doesn't pay alot to make 'em rich, but definitely something extra to the pocket every month.

Boss was right. No point to be around negative people who doesn't appreciate.
I just can't take those constant nagging anymore from a nubile immature individual who is not eager to learn but eager to earn with a meagre experience to flaunt.
And I almost had my career flushed down a big river of mud - with a mistake that should not even happen.
Yeah, it was almost everyone's fault for not noticing it.
I am still pissed that all my patience all this while bore me a rotten fruit.
mehhhh.... I can''t even talk further....

And all I shall revoke.

Work is like crazy. There's also crazy people everywhere at work.

Today, tomorrow is another day.
And I vow to be a better person that yesterday!

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  1. *sing* let it go~~~let it go~~~~!!!
    Love your vow.


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