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Sunday, June 8, 2008

When U No Longer Can Afford A Full Tank ..

There aint gonna be much solution to the increasing prices of everything any anything... been thinking about how to salvage myself from such crisis.. cant come up with much except these. When the petrol increase :-

1- women who drive may turn to mobile prostitution. wen u aint got enough money to get your tank full, it's the time to put a double signal and offer some services to those who can afford.

2- Mat Rempit who rempit gotta change their mode of vehicle since most dont really earn much.. mat rempit will have to resort to collecting sturdy palm or banana leaf and pull their rempit partner sitting on it.. PWEETTTTTTT!!!

3- Cows will be considered as another form of transportation in the town and cities... So is buffaloes.. But there will always be double standard. The rich can afford 'horse power'. so the next time we make a trip down to KLCC, there are 2 main items to get into your photograph :- a) ur face with klcc as the background - SMILE
b) ur face and standing next to a cow carriage and petting the cow driver - SMILE WRYLY

4- Rape cases will increase among family members and friends. Since its so expensive to drive out to the nearest Starbuck for a sip of Latte and watch some Paris Hilton wannabe on the mall, what else there is to do but stare at house-mate in old Snoopy nightie, or own daughter in Spiderman nightie?

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