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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Leaving without notice

I won't be able to tell how it feels.
To die of old age or to die of sickness is something that we cannot avoid.
And I think most of us do come across that period when we ask ourself, "What if I die from this sickness?" In a way, we are a little prepared to see the outcome of that sickness.

Dying unknowingly when fate strikes you without any prior notice is ... I must say something unimaginable. You do not know if you need to close your eyes and let go of all that is in mind. You definitely will not be ready with a smile of calmness.  

And no, I am not feeling suicidal this time round. There is so much sorrow for this week when I see reports and news on the arrival of the remains of the MH17 tragedy. If only things got to a better turn. But in life, there is no IF. Because if life comes with IF, you and I will not be at where we are as at now.

I do not know where do dead people go, but where ever they are now, I hope that when you left, despite the unknowing fate, you have bring the whole of you, with willing heart and be at peace.


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