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Sunday, July 14, 2013

24/7 at your service

2 weeks back I just want to leave it all out of my way.
I think somewhere, somehow along the way, something screwed up.
2 weeks after, I am now here with a plate full of stuff :3

It's been a while that I write.
And writing gets difficult when people you know look into what you write.
And you never know when will they strike and mark the words you write.

The past couple of week was hectic galactica! There is so much to do and so much yet to be completed. Almost on daily basis that I drive in sleep mode only to whine while driving to keep self awake.

Getting all worked up is my weakest point. I just love to work!
I don't know if I seriously LOVE TO WORK or that I am just one who is forever feeling insufficient and need to fill the void by working extra hard :/

Neesya event went so well I iz pleased yo!!
With some of the hottest bloggers around : Fiona of Street Love is so knowledgeable in beauty products and writes so well, I jealous! Michelle Supermodels Secrets, looking like a model as usual!
Winnie of VanityTrove is super chatty that no momma ain't gonna stop her from talking! 

Someone has got to do the dirty job - creating banners non stop!

It also worries me that my temper flares like an erupting volcano. I have always been vocal, but it seems more serious now that I seriously need to hold back and keep it low. I need yoga!!!

I love the momentum of my work now - non-stop!
With a busy and interesting day job that I am holding, while managing blogger management for another skincare company at night, juggling YourShoppingKaki in between anytime, managing social media platform for another skincare brand, doing a lot of thinking flow for another sportswear company and of course manning MoneyTree, I got to admit that greed surfaces.. hehe.

Coming next week, that will be a big challenge ahead which I passionately hope to be able to surpasss and excel.
I don't work so hard for nothing after all..

For now, there's 2 speech to prepare and 1 training module to create, with many more contents to create.
I better do well this time :/

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