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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Lunar Year

Another year, another week off to celebrate the frantically noisy celebration.
It was just a month back perhaps we made some resolution and reflection on how life was treating on the past year, and now.. we have to sorta make the same pondering again.
Because it is new year again... for the Chinese -_-

Now you see why I have very little emotion / expression towrads celebration? It is like an act for the day which you will have to again act when another celebration comes. The comes Independance Day and then u start pondering. Then comes some whatever dumpling festival, which will again make you ponder if you have been good for the  past 6 months or so. Then perhaps you start to feel a bit jibberish during the festival of lights - Deepavali and start to have a lighter moment on your mind to again start pondering... wha... a whole year of pondering and reflecting. When is the real work going to be done?? sheesshhhh....

I started the year feeling exactly what I am - a 33 years old woman. Who finally wants something for herself. And shall do something for herself. This is most probably very cliche, but I am very determined to work something out for myself this year. Perhaps not buying a house, because the price of property in Malaysia is not meant for working Malaysian.. Most probably I would  have to marry a head of triad member to be able to afford a decent bungalow of my own with glass walls. And no, dating bankers won't get the dream materialised. Trust me.. I knew of one who refused to pay for a RM16 meal for two!! Mother of all god!!!!

I think I am hot!! =P

This is also the first year for me to be out and away from the claw of this patriarch boss who have been clawing the life out of me for the past 6 to 8 years... *mother of all stones!!* I am happy of course to be able to come out. And I must say, of all the organisation I have worked for, this is most probably the longest but also the one I can't wait to get rid of. I realised there were softcopy of a lot of old documents from previous companies whihc most probably aged 8 years and above since the Ademco period. But come the end of my service in the batik hell office, I immediately gotten rid of all rubbish in my laptop. And also most probably the fastest time for me to get rid of all call cards. I still have call cards from Infotech Accord and Ademco and even Dnonce!! =D

Anyway, that's not the point of the post..

I am looking forward to build something. something. something.

I have kept my working stamina well. After all, I haven't stop working. In a way I have always know what I want and am now working in small steps to making it work.. Work is a pretty boring issue to even blog about, so I shall stop talking about it ;)

But on a brighter note, this new job is liking me! Or shall I say, I like my new job!!!

Damn obese angpau for someone who have been in the organisation for less than 3 months =D =D

And we have a very healthy lifestyle in the office =D

<3 <3

And talk about tying the knot... and no. I am not tying any knot. Nor even starting to create a knot.

I supposed when you are at my age, you start to arrive in a turning point where there are more things that matters besides getting a man by your side for the lifetime free sex consummation (does this word even exist?)

You have been thru the phases of going for movies, getting to know each other and text messaging each other before sleep. That was when you are 26 years old perhaps. But when you are 33, you have no time to get to know another person by going to the movies to study his/ her little gestures / preferences/ habits. I suppose, you either get straight to the point, or you make a direct point that you are not interested. So that you can save more time and get back to work =D

I love Bill Rancic though ;) so random!!

Of course, there are also those that still hope that at 33, they may at the slightest possibility to get a clean shaven banker (who will pay for dinner), a matured businessman (best to be a virgin), a well built (but not gay) and perhaps a definitely good looking than Andy lau or whoever (and not attached) man to start a possible relationship and perhaps in a year time or 6 months go down the aisle ASAP (in a hurry to make babies!)

And then there are those who have not much preferences being attached or not. Because it simply isn't a matter of life and death. A holistic approach, I would like to call this :)
If you get someone to walk the rest of your life with, then it is fated that you won't die alone. But if you get no one to listen to your nag but can afford a dog as a lifetime companion ( hope it doesn't die before you) then it is also fated that you are bound to be foreveralone.

Actually, it is not difficult to get someone / anyone / whoever to be your other half. It is just a matter of how high have did you set your bar.

have you set your bar wide? I think I better save up for a dog instead -_-

By the time I want to wrap up for the post, I am kinda lazy to re-read what have been written. Hence I shall end post here having not much idea what was the initial intention of writing. As usual.

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  1. I m impressed v your thoughts n the way u see things in really motivates me as I keep worrying no partner in life but then I know I hv many things to do rather than jz get a Partner to settle down.
    Cheers to u :)


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